Lisa Nebel

Lisa discovers enjoyment through financial counseling

Since childhood, Lisa dreamt about being a nurse. She visited a few colleges, but after touring a cadaver lab, she realized she no longer wanted to pursue a nursing career.

While she no longer wanted to be a nurse, she still longed for a career helping people. She thought of her other interests to aid her with choosing a major at Iowa State.

“When I realized that the health/medical field wasn’t for me, I realized that I must find another way to help,” she said.

In addition to helping people, Lisa recalled always being careful with her money. She decided to look into majors that complemented her financial literacy and scheduled a visit with the Ivy College of Business, but she felt concerned a business career would mean sitting in an office all day – which she didn’t want.

“I knew working with others on a daily basis was a must for me, rather than being secluded in a cubical all day,” she said.

While sitting in the office, she picked up a pamphlet about financial counseling and planning (FCP). After reading through the material and discussing it with an adviser, Lisa learned the major meant she could work one-on-one with clients while assisting with their financial decisions.

“If you like working with people this [FCP] is a way of doing that,” she said. “Financials are a huge milestone. It’s like helping get a cast off.”

In addition to enjoying the job itself, Lisa also likes the smaller size of the program, which helped her gain relationships through intimate class settings. 

“With FCP being one of the smaller majors at this university, it has allowed me to meet many other students that I will have friendships with even after leaving Iowa State,” she said.

Thrilled with her major, she wanted to find more ways to get involved. Her sophomore year, Lisa met with academic adviser and lecturer Jeanna Nation where she learned about the former Financial Planning Association.

 “We talked about what the club used to be, and I felt determined to help bring the club back. We restarted it and bring awareness through events like free root beer floats and guest speakers at meetings. Moving forward, we hope to continue bringing attention to our major on campus.”