Leah Blankespoor

Leah finds event management at Iowa State

Leah never intended to go to Iowa State after high school, but the beautiful campus and unique event management major quickly won her over.

“I was signed and registered to attend school in Minnesota as a communications major,” Leah said. “I visited ISU with my best friend to see where she would be living, and I accidentally fell in love with Iowa State and their event program.”

After taking a tour of campus, and learning that Iowa State’s event management major is one of only a few across the country, Leah decided to apply to become a Cyclone.

Since her freshman year, Leah’s courses helped her look at all different aspects of event planning.

 “Event planning is more than putting on an event. It’s really about putting work in behind the scenes,” Leah said. “What you see during the event and what goes on behind the scenes is a big difference.”

Leah’s dad, an entrepreneur, also played a role in shaping her career path by brainstorming, problem-solving, and providing reassurance. Looking forward, Leah hopes to return to her hometown, Pella, Iowa, following graduation to help him with his new event venue.

“I can definitely see myself going back to my roots and planning weddings in a unique way,” Leah said.

Between helping her father, interning with the Pella Historical Society and Museums, and blogging for The Yes Girls, a California-based event planning company, Leah loves the versatility of her major.

“Event management can cater to both creative and technical minds,” she said. “There are the creative types who like to design and come up with ideas, and then you also have the more task-oriented people to execute the plan. It takes both types of people to make the event run smoothly.”