Lauren Grant

Internships influence Lauren Grant’s path

Lauren Grant’s adventure at Iowa State University has been full of learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

During her time at Iowa State, Lauren has completed three different internships. While her classes taught her the necessary skills to work in event management, her internships allowed her to implement those skills and learn on the job. Each experience was vastly different, and provided unique learning opportunities.

Lauren’s first internship was with Iowa State University Athletics from August 2016-May 2018 where she worked with special events. Her daily duties ranged from setting up ceremonies to fitting athletes for letter winner jackets, and even included ordering championship rings.

Next, Lauren worked with the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines from May 2016-August 2017. This was her first experience working with a nonprofit organization, which allowed her to gain experience with fundraising and run two of her own events: “ARL Pet Caso” and “Puff N Fluff.”

Currently, Lauren works with Hyperion Field Club, a country club in Johnston. There she assists with a variety of events, with each day looking slightly different. One of her favorite aspects of her job is assisting with weddings. Although they can be stressful, Lauren finds that the work can be very rewarding.

“It was a really, really long day at a wedding, and a few things weren’t going right, but the father of the bride was just so grateful and gave me a hug and was so happy,” she said, recalling a specific wedding she helped put together.

All of Lauren’s internships have shown her the various ways that she can use her degree in event management after she graduates. Lauren currently hopes to work in either wedding or nonprofit event planning. She encourages other students to pursue internships as much as they can.

“Look at all of the emails you get,” she said. “If you have a field that you’re interested in, do some research, call some places, send your resume, and see if they have any openings. The worst they can say is no.”