Kelsie Toth

Kelsie Toth explores her major through traveling

From a five-day Chicago field study to a three-week-long study abroad in South Africa, Kelsie learned how vast her opportunities in the apparel world reach.

“We went to so many places in Chicago and saw so many different jobs, which is nice because as a sophomore I’m still not sure what I want to do,” she said.

Kelsie met contacts in the industry, handed out her resume, and talked with people in different job areas.

“It taught me how to talk to different people, what I need to work toward, and the experiences I need to get before graduation,” she said.

While the field study packed a lot industry experience into on day, Kelsie said South Africa packed a lot of culture into the entire trip.

“We did so much in three weeks,” she said. “It felt like seven different countries because of how different it all was.”

On the top of her experiences list from South Africa is visiting one of the Blessman Ministries stations teaching the people there sewing techniques and designing a headband.

“When I was in high school, I just thought I could only be a buyer with this major,” Kelsie said. “Now I realize how I can help in so many ways or even do charity work.”

For students still unsure of a specific career path, Kelsie said a field study is strongly major based. On the other hand, for students looking for extra travel opportunities related to their major, there is a greater amount of leisure time during a study abroad. Either choice a student makes, Kelsie said both are extremely beneficial.

“I think traveling opens your eyes to the world,” she said. “Education doesn’t stop in the classroom. Get out and experience how other people live.”