Kelsey Warfield

Kelsey gets her dream internship at Iowa State

Kelsey first became interested in event planning as a child after reading the book, “The Wedding Planner’s Daughter.” She hesitated sharing her ambition, worrying about whether or not it could be a career.

“I felt like people wouldn’t take me seriously,” she said. “At the time event management wasn’t even a major at Iowa State yet.”

But she cast her doubts aside and decided to apply to Iowa State’s event management program. Although she no longer wants to plan weddings, she still loves her career path and views it as her way of helping others.

“I grew up and got other interests, but I kept coming back to this idea of planning events,” she said. “Events are important to people, making them the best that they can be is how I want to help people.”

Because of her desire to start gaining experience right away, Kelsey decided to apply for her dream internship her sophomore year.

She learned about the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation internship in high school after researching the State Fair for a speech competition. Finally, after waiting, she received a phone call saying she was one of four interns hired for the summer.

“I didn’t think I’d get it, because I was a sophomore,” she said. “But they called and offered it to me before I finished the application process. It was so exciting!”

Kelsey learned a lot about how non-profit organizations plan events. During her internship she designed invitations and ads, handled the communication between the foundation and their volunteers, and supervised 600 individuals. 

She loved her time with the organization and feels grateful for the opportunity. Looking ahead, she plans to obtain another internship, hopefully in Los Angeles.

“I want something impressive on my resume that the world will recognize,” she said. “The Iowa State Fair is a big deal in Iowa, but the world is much bigger than Des Moines.”