Kelsey Sigvertsen

Kelsey Sigvertsen builds her future with School of Education opportunities

Between practicum experiences, collaborative learning environments, and hands-on projects, Kelsey feels the School of Education has made her more than ready to take on her future career. Long before she came to Iowa State University, Kelsey knew she wanted to become a teacher.

“Growing up, I would frequently teach my brother and other neighborhood friends in my pretend classroom everything I knew based on what I was learning in school,” she said. “As I grew older, my dreams of having a classroom of my own continued, and I have never looked back since.”

Now, Kelsey is able to teach in a real classroom every year through the opportunities the School of Education gives her.

“Teaching experience shows me what I’m doing well, what I need to work on, and helps me find my focus as an educator to think about what my end goal is,” she said.

Kelsey not only values the hands-on teaching, but also appreciates the knowledge she learns from her professors. Kelsey found her social justice class especially interesting.

“This class will help me in the future because it made me more aware as a teacher,” she said. “Not every situation is going to be easy and there are always new social issues.”

Kelsey said to know how to handle these tough situations, it’s extremely helpful that most, if not all, of her professors were once elementary teachers.

“Hearing their testimonies of what works and what doesn’t shows real things that happened to them and helps us know different ways to work through situations,” she said.

Kelsey wishes she knew how fast four years could go by. She hopes other students take advantage of their time here at Iowa State while they have the chance.

“Take every opportunity you can and don’t leave anything behind,” she said. “Even if you’re nervous to try something, that’s the beauty of it. The good and the bad all helps. You have such a limited time in college to take these opportunities.”