Kelsey Finn

Kelsey Finn involves herself outside of career path

When Kelsey first came to Iowa State University, she thought she had to become involved with everything and anything. Now, after over-involving herself, she knows joining clubs and organizations are important, but students need to set a limit on their participation in extracurricular activities.

Kelsey eventually learned to limit the number of clubs she was in by balancing her career goals with her personal interests. She stayed in the clubs she was most passionate about and dropped the others, regardless of whether or not they aligned with her major.

“It’s a good thing to get involved outside of work and school,” Kelsey said. “You get so much experience and learn about your major in classes already. It makes sense to find clubs for personal satisfaction versus your career goal.”

Kelsey found a job through the department of Human Development and Family Studies, which also doesn’t directly align with her future career goals. However, Kelsey said she gained a lot of people skills from working there.

“Anything you do or get involved with can end up benefiting your future,” she said.

Kelsey said being on the CHS Council grows her leadership skills. BIEDA involves her passion for mental health. Kelsey feels the Pre-OT club relates to her career the most, where she learns more about her career outside of classes. She still values each of these clubs equally as they all help her in different ways.

“There’s a lot of really cool resources when you get involved,” she said. “You get these resources and of course connections.”

Kelsey said her most important connections are the ones she made studying abroad in Spain for five months. From these numerous connections and involvements, Kelsey continuously expands her opportunities for future success.

While Kelsey widens her experiences, she does so in the areas she enjoys the most. She said, finding the few activities you are most passionate about and focusing on those is the most important part.

“Don’t get over involved,” she said. “Do some research. Find your interests and then join the club. Also, utilize resources like ClubFest and don’t be afraid to try new things.”