Kelly Verburgt

Kelly takes on leadership role in SHOP

Kelly transferred to Iowa State from the University of Arizona in the middle of her sophomore year. Once she arrived on campus, she knew she wanted to start volunteering. She found Students Helping Our Peers (SHOP), a food pantry that specializes in helping students on campus, and decided to get involved.

Kelly served as a member, which meant she only needed to volunteer for three hours. She wanted to do more, so she decided to join the super committee, which works directly with the executive team to brainstorm ideas and make events possible.

“After my first semester I wanted to be more involved,” she said. “So I applied for what we call the ‘super committee,’ which works with the exec team.”

Kelly loved feeling more connected to the organization, so she decided to run for president – and got elected. Now, she directs committee and exec meetings, networks with various companies, and plays a vital role in spreading the club’s mission.

“Our main goal is to provide students and staff with a reliable resource of food,” she said. “We know money can be tight, and oftentimes food gets sacrificed because of it. We want to let people know we are here to help.”

Although she’s done a lot to transform the organization, Kelly gives credit to her executive team members, who she said are the reason SHOP is growing.

“I have a great exec team,” she said. “A club has to have a good leader, but without a strong team things wouldn’t get done. My team contributes equally and they are the reason SHOP is succeeding.”