Keesha Gaines

Keesha Gaines succeeds in finding career goal through undecided program

This year 40, out of the 682, College of Human Sciences’ freshman came in as undecided. Keesha was one of these students her freshman year.

“Well, I knew I wanted to be in a field that cares for peoples’ well-being,” Keesha said.

During a meeting with her adviser at orientation, she explained how she would like to focus on athletic training courses but still stay undecided.

“Your best option is to come in and explore random classes,” she said. “Explain to your adviser if you want to be geared in a certain direction or just take different classes within the college.”

The process for undecided majors is almost identical to those coming in with a selected major. Students meet with their advisers, and choose classes — the only difference is declaring a major later down the road.

“During [first semester of freshman year], I switched to exercise science; however, I soon realized that was not where my heart lies,” Keesha said. “I did research on majors in kinesiology and came across occupational therapy. I felt like that was something I would love to do and continue my education in.”

Keesha encourages other students who aren’t sure what career path they want to take to do research as well.

“Weigh your options with your adviser,” she said. “Go to Iowa State University online and just search through the majors.”

Using different resources like the MINDS learning community, Connect Four, and her adviser, Keesha found her career path at ISU and knows others can too. Getting involved with observation hours right away in her new field led Keesha to know she had finally chosen the right career path.

“Talk to a lot of people,” she said. “Write down what interests you and find people in those areas and then get involved in them to see if it fits.”