Kaylee Hahn

Family connections help Kaylee at Iowa State

Kaylee’s interest in nutrition began in high school when her chemistry teacher asked the question, “Are you what you eat?” Kaylee realized then how much of an impact food has on the body. She followed her interest to Iowa State to pursue a degree in nutritional science.

“I became more and more amazed by how what we consume literally does become a part of us,” she said.

When she decided to attend Iowa State, her father knew of a professor doing research. Kaylee reached out to the professor that summer, asking if she could help in the labs. Receiving a positive answer, she started to learn lab basics as an ISU freshman.

“It sparked my interest in research,” she said. “Now, I think I might go that route in graduate school.”

When her aunt heard about Kaylee’s future career goals, she informed Kaylee of internships being offered at Kemin Industry in Des Moines where she worked. Kaylee spent the past two summers interning there, learning everything from molecular biology to microbiology.

“It prepares me for the future,” she said. “Doing research is a great way to apply what I learned in class.”

Now, as a junior, Kaylee is thinking about her honors project. She hopes to be selected for the Rosenfeld Internship, but knows as long as she’s in a lab, she’ll be happy.

Kaylee encourages any student wanting to get involved in research to start making connections now.

“Talk to professors,” she said. “So many are doing research, and you never know who needs help.”