Kayla Rusher

Iowa State prepares Kayla for entrepreneurship

Kayla Rusher transferred to Iowa State to study kinesiology, wanting to help people of all ages. Although this career option offered that, she realized it did so in a more scientific way, which wasn’t what she wanted. Instead, she switched to early childhood education.

Although Kayla is studying education, she has a different goal in mind than becoming a teacher. She wants to open a large-scale community center which will offer a child care center surrounded by independent housing for older adults.

“I have a passion to help older and younger people,” she said. “It’s a way to combine them. There’s a need for it.”

Once she decided on opening a business, Kayla knew she needed to learn some elements of how. She considered minoring, but felt her skillset was better suited to interactions with her future clients. Looking ahead, she hopes to find a partner with more specified business skills, but to get a basic look into the business world in college, Kayla joined the entrepreneurship club.

“I wanted to start my own business, but I don’t have a background in it,” she said. “So I thought joining a club was the next best thing.”

The organization gave her exactly what she needed. Through the club’s guest speakers, professional conferences, and networking opportunities, she gained valuable insight into the business world. But one of the most beneficial aspects Kayla said is the support system she shares with other future entrepreneurs.

“A huge help is the motivation people give each other,” she said. “It’s nice to have a group of people behind you saying you can do it.”

Kayla knows this facility is a long-term goal, and she plans for that. She intends to take it one step at a time, hopefully opening a smaller, community-based one by the age of 30.

She said her classes at Iowa State prepared her for it, but the biggest thing that pushes her forward is talking about her goals with other people, and she encourages future entrepreneurs to do the same.

“Talk about it,” she said. “A lot of people say they want something, but don’t do it. If you tell people what you plan to do, you become accountable for it.”