Kayla Hoskins

Kayla finds her calling at Iowa State

Kayla Hoskins always planned to study architecture, but after an unexpected turn of events, she realized financial planning was the right path for her.

Kayla started her secondary education studies at Southwestern Community College. She planned to take some classes there and then transfer into the architecture program at Iowa State University. Kayla excelled at Southwestern Community College, receiving a variety of scholarships and academic awards. When it was time, Kayla packed her bags and headed to Iowa State. After her first semester, she realized the program wasn’t what she had anticipated.

“I felt confident at Southwestern, and I got good grades,” she said. “But once I got to Iowa State the nerves kicked in, and I was ready to give up.”

The curriculum was rigorous. In addition, Kayla did not enjoy her classes. While researching other majors, she stumbled across the financial counseling and planning program. She liked the courses and decided to switch over, although she did feel a little behind. For future transfer students, Kayla advises students to consider the possibility of changing majors when planning for their college years.

“If you’re planning to transfer, stick to your gen. eds. instead of focusing on a specific program,” she said, “Because, chances are, you’ll change your mind once you get there.”

Kayla understands college can be tough for anybody, but thanks to her supportive family and friends, she turned her grades around and found her correct major. She wants to share her story in hopes she can inspire other students in a similar situation.

“Don’t give up!” she said. “If you ever feel down like I did after my first semester at Iowa State, (know) there are so many people willing and wanting to help you succeed and find the right path.”