Katie Tullar

Katie Tullar explores her major with FCS club

After her first semester at Iowa State, Katie wanted to get more involved on campus. She heard about Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) club through her learning community and her adviser, and knew she wanted to attend a meeting.

“I was afraid to go at first because I didn’t know anyone,” she said. “But the upperclassmen want to get to know you and want to get you involved.”

After her first meeting and a warm welcome from the upperclassmen in the club, Katie felt right at home. From fundraisers and volunteer work, to planning events, getting involved felt easy.

“More fun events are starting to be planned, and I like that we do bonding activities, too,” she said.

Beyond all the fun, Katie also appreciates the resources that FCS club provides for her. She said the club makes sure to promote outside conferences and opportunities related to her major during meetings.

Katie’s mission to get more involved on campus was successful; so far in the semester, she hasn’t missed a meeting, and plans to stay active and meet more club members.

For freshmen who are worried about finding a place to belong at Iowa State, Katie recommends trying out new things like she did.

“Come with an open mind,” she said. “Having one allows you to expand on the way you see the world.”