Kate Pruess

Kate Pruess expands skills and network with FCEDS club

After being involved with the Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies (FCEDS) Club for only a semester, Kate took a chance and ran for secretary.

“I love my major and the people in the club so I wanted to get more involved,” she said.

Now, Kate is in charge of sending reminders, updates, and polls as well as taking attendance and minutes during club meetings.

“I really like being secretary because it makes me be so organized,” Kate said.

The FCEDS club has not only improved Kate’s organization skills, but also encouraged her to be a stronger leader.

“It’s easier to talk in front of people and be comfortable doing it,” she said. “It helps that the people in the club are so supportive.”

Kate also values all of the networking opportunities the club provides, through programming events such as guest speakers and fundraising activities for their philanthropy, Holding Tiny Hands.

“Networking is so important,” she said. “You bond with other people passionate about the same things as you. Not every class is easy and now I have people in my major I know I can talk to.”

Kate said the club is all about promotioning FCEDS and learning about the major. While Kate joined because it is her major she wants students to know their club is welcoming to any student in any major.

“Anyone is welcome to join,” she said. “This major is applicable to everyone. It’s a major about the home and we just help you be a more well-rounded individual.”