Kaitlynn Botkin

Kaitlynn prepares for her future ambitions at Iowa State

Kaitlynn decided to major in family and consumer sciences education studies (FCEDS) due to her love for working with children and her desire to teach.

A major in FCEDS prepares Kaitlynn to teach in multiple fields through classes in financing, sewing, nutrition, wellness, interior design, child development, and parenting. Overall, Kaitlynn finds her child development courses the most intriguing; however, she enjoys the apparel curriculum as well.

“I like AMD because it’s different and offers a lot of variety, but I didn’t want to switch majors because I love kids so much,” she said, “When I get to teach, I can make the program how I want and add upper level textile classes to the school’s curriculum.”

In addition to exploring her options, Kaitlynn started completing her required practicum hours, which helped her realize she wants to work with teenagers.

“I think middle school-aged students are my favorite,” she said. “They are at an awkward stage and think they know a lot but still have so much to learn. It’d keep my daily work interesting.”

Following graduation, Kaitlynn hopes to do more than simply teach. She aspires to obtain her master’s and work her way up in the education system, becoming a guidance counselor. And her final career ambition: a dance team coach, which she believes her minor will help her succeed at.

“I’ve grown up dancing, and I want to be a dance team coach,” she said. “I want to coach dance for the same reason I want to teach — to give kids an opportunity to be passionate about something.”