Justin Morton

Justin Morton gets ahead with summer program

Justin Morton jumped into the kinesiology and health program at Iowa State University with optimism and excitement. As a freshman, he has already started to make a name for himself. He got involved early and has started his path toward academic success.

The summer after he was accepted into Iowa State, Justin received a letter in the mail encouraging him to apply for the Academic Program for Excellence program. He did and got accepted.

The program lasts two months, from June to August, and acts as an introduction to campus for students by allowing freshmen to take a few courses on campus before starting the full semester. Justin took seven credits including PSYCH 101, PSYCH 131, and HIST 221. Justin learned a lot in his classes, but he also said he learned a lot from the program.

“It was a really valuable experience,” he said. “I learned a lot about organization, time management, and what the school work expected of me.”

After completing the program, the class and teachers nominate a student representative to speak on behalf of the colleges at the closing ceremony for the Academic Program for Excellence program as well as speaking at the Multicultural Student Affairs Family Reception. Justin’s class nominated him for the College of Human Sciences.

“I was filled with excitement,” Justin said. “It felt great my peers elected me to do something like that. It was very satisfying.”

Justin’s speech went great. He spoke about the benefits of the Academic Program for Excellence program, what he learned, and how the program helped him prepare for his time at Iowa State.

Now Justin feels accepted at Iowa State and ready to start his college career. He also has a piece of advice for incoming freshmen,

“Don’t be afraid you’re not going to fit in. Thousands of people go here, and you will run into people with similar interests,” he said. “So be yourself, and don’t try to be something you’re not.”