Jessica Taylor

Jessica forges her own path at Iowa State

A senior double majoring in child, adult, and family services and political science, Jessica wants to combine her two majors to start a unique career fighting for families and children without access to vital resources. Although she knows she wants to work in advocacy and public policy, she doesn’t believe her dream job exists yet.

“I like to think my specific career hasn’t been created yet,” Jessica said. “I want to open an organization that focuses on these types of issues, and later run as a politician who fights for it.”

Currently, Jessica learns more about her field through her internship at Des Moines Junior Achievement of Central Iowa, an organization focused on the economic success and financial literacy of K-12 students.

“It’s an international business, but it’s still technically a non-profit,” she said. “It’s really helped me understand business structure and how everything works.”

Due to her internship, Jessica decided to move from her sorority house near campus into an apartment closer to her work. Though Wednesdays are her only days in Ames, she likes the gradual transition from college to life after graduation.

“I feel like it’s a good buffer,” she said. “I was super involved and living in my sorority the past few years, so now I’m kind of phasing out of that.”

Jessica utilizes her remaining time as a Cyclone by learning everything she can in order to be successful.

“I’m trying to dip my toes in all of the areas I’m interested, and to learn from as many resources as possible,” she said.