Jenna King

Jenna King calls Ames her home town and her college town

“After growing up in Ames and attending Iowa State sporting events my entire life, I wanted to experience Iowa State and Ames in an entirely different way,” said Jenna.

After touring campus with a friend, who is also from Ames, Jenna saw how entirely different her college life would really be compared to growing up, even though it was technically the same place.

“It was a new part of Ames,” said Jenna. “It gave me the ability to experience Ames by myself which completely changed my view point on the city.”

She said college is all what you make of it when you live close to home. Whether this be how often you return home, how many new friends you make, or what activities you try, it’s all up to you.

“I wanted to branch off from my high school friends and meet new friends, so I decided to go through formal sorority recruitment,” said Jenna.

Not only did Jenna get involved in Greek life, she also chose to join a number of clubs to make sure she got involved in every way she could.

“It’s really easy to stick to your old friends, but you have to make sure to get involved,” she said. “You don’t have to continue everything you try, but by trying a variety of things you’re sure to find something.”

While Jenna pushed to separate home from college, she admitted being close to home definitely has its perks, especially the home-cooked meals.

“While you have the ability to go home easily when you’re sick or upset, you have to learn how to be independent and push yourself not to rely on the comfort of home being so close,” said Jenna.