Jake Bennett

Jake Bennett on impacting future students’ lives through teaching and coaching

Jake Bennett has been able to watch his mom teach second graders for years now, witnessing the way she helps them grow throughout the school year. As an elementary education major, Jake feels this career path is also the one for him.

However, Jake wants to be even more involved in his future students’ lives than just in the classroom, which is why he’s currently working on getting teaching endorsements for coaching as well as history.

“I did five sports in high school, and each one of my coaches had an impact on my life,” Jake said. “I think teaching and coaching are really unique positions because you’re able to impact [a] person more than any other profession.”

As a senior at Iowa State University, Jake has experience working with students in both their learning and helping them be active. Currently, he tutors second and third graders and volunteers at an after-school program that involves getting students to play games to get them moving.

“Elementary education throws you right into the field experience stuff,” Jake said. “You get to take what you’re learning in class and go into the [elementary] school. It’s fun because you get to see how the kids are so creative in their methods with math and other subjects.”

Jake has the opportunity to volunteer at the after-school program through the student organization Youth Sports Outreach. His desire to participate in this program came from his passion for sports and kids.

“I think it’s important that kids exercise to start creating that habit young,” Jake said. “It’s critical for kids to learn what the benefits are and how much exercise increases the happiness and healthiness of your life as a kid and as you get older.”