Jade Weber

Jade finds passion in physical therapy

Jade’s interest in physical therapy started when she was in high school. Her school offered a work experience for half a semester, and she decided to spend a semester observing and watching physical therapists.

She said this was interesting because she saw how the therapists tailored their treatment to each individual.

“I learned how they empathize with patients,” she said. “I saw the different techniques they used and how they’d make their own program for each patient.”

In addition to the connection with her future clients, Jade also felt a personal connection through her own experiences.

“I was always injured in high school when I played sports,” she said. “Now, I want to improve people’s lives [through physical therapy], because I know how exciting it feels to get back into the game.”

And helping athletes get back into the game is exactly what Jade wants to spend her life doing as an athletic physical therapist. Currently she works for Iowa Wild, a hockey team in Des Moines. Although she works more on the promotions end, Jade still enjoys observing their physical therapists.

“It’s informative and helps me see why therapists do what they do,” she said. “You can quiz yourself on anatomy and read all day long, but real-world experience helps.”

With her goals in mind, and her foot in the door making connections in the sports industry, Jade hopes to encourage others. She understands the program is hard, but she believes with the right attitude, students can succeed and find where they belong.

“Don’t be afraid to take hard classes,” she said. “Put the work in and shadow as many therapists as you can, so you know which area you want to specialize in.”