Isabel Hernandez

Isabel falls in love with event management

Isabel started her Iowa State career as a hospitality major. She didn’t feel this was her true calling, but believed it was the only option that related to her ambition to become a wedding planner. When she came to orientation, she heard about event planning and made the switch right then and there.

A little over a year into her program, Isabel has already realized this is the perfect major for her. She said in her first year she was a little bored learning the basics, but now that she has learned them she can focus on building her skillset and being challenged. She especially enjoys her current classes focusing on the different aspects of event management.

“I like the step by step process,” she said. “I always have, even since I was a little girl. There’s so much that goes into event planning that people don’t think of—and a lot of career opportunities.”

In the beginning, Isabel didn’t know that almost every company has event planning positions, but her classes explore everything from sporting events to concerts to travel agents. She even knew a friend with a unique internship.

“You can go a lot of different routes in event planning,” she said. “My friend had a position at a zoo. It’s crazy! And if a company doesn’t have a position open, chances are they will make one for you since it makes their job easier in the long run.”

Although she still desires to be a wedding planner, Isabel said since she started the program she’s learned about the different options and wants to try everything.

“I’m going to try it all,” she said. “I’m excited for my major. There are so many opportunities for professionals in my field, and Iowa State is great at making them accessible.”