Haylee Flint-Baker

Experience solidifies Haylee’s career choice

Haylee started her Iowa State career with multiple scholarships covering three years of her education. Instead of paying for a fourth year, she decided to take large credit loads and summer courses. Although balancing academics and extra-curricular activities feels like a lot at times, she said she wouldn’t change it.

“Financially, it’s the best decision for me,” she said. “Sometimes I just don’t sleep, but I am paying for college on my own, so I want to be done in those three years.”

In addition to her 17-credit class load, Haylee also wanted a job related to her child, adult, and family services major. Her friend suggested applying to Mainstream Living, an agency helping disabled individuals and their families achieve high-quality living.

Despite her desire to work specifically with children, Haylee decided to apply and now works full-time for the company.

“At first I was hesitant, but I love it,” she said. “I get to work with the same person every week and help implement individual living skills for them.”

Although she works with the same individual every day, Haylee feels she’s learning skills that will directly apply to her future human services career – especially patience.

“Progress isn’t something you can expect in a day,” she said. “I’ve been working with this client for six months, and I’m just now seeing the effects of what we worked on – seeing that progress is such a great feeling.”

Looking back, Haylee said she’s thankful she decided to take advantage of opportunities presented to her. She recommends other students do the same.

“Take every opportunity you possibly can,” she said. “I was nervous about joining the adoption club and hesitant for my job, but I love both of them. So be open to new experiences. It adds so much to the college experience.”