Hannah Walton

Hannah gets involved in Student Union Board

Hannah originally planned to study accounting at Iowa State. But the summer before officially beginning her undergraduate career, she did a little research and found event management.

“I like organizing things,” she said. “I like how all pieces go together. Originally, I started in accounting, but it didn’t have enough human interaction. My summer before college I looked at other options and switched to event management at orientation.”

After switching her major, Hannah started to search for clubs she could get involved in. To start, she wanted something that fit into event management – something she encourages other students to do too.

“Start with what pertains to your major before you find your fun clubs,” she said. “But it turns out that my ‘fun ones’ pertain to mine anyway.”

Her “fun club” turned out to be the Student Union Board (SUB). She started by volunteering at an event. After volunteering for a year, she started as the performance art co-director, helping coordinate entertainment events for SUB. Next, she hopes to be the organization’s vice president to make a bigger difference.

“I spent a year volunteering and a year as a director,” she said. “Through these positions I saw challenges we face in recruiting. I want to solve those problems.”

One of the biggest issues she recognizes is how students perceive volunteering at events and the level of commitment it takes.

“People think if you volunteer for one, you have to commit to them all,” she said. “But you don’t. You can do as much as you want. I kept coming back because it felt like a second family.”