Hannah Dannewitz

Hannah Dannewitz stands out in the on-campus gerontology graduate major program

After weighing her options on different graduate gerontology major programs, Hannah decided on Iowa State University. Recently in fall 2015, Iowa State University welcomed its first on-campus program for graduates majoring in gerontology.

“For my other options I would have had night or online classes, no research opportunities, and not many in-person interactions,” she said. “Here, I have the opportunities to have my work published, and do research.”

Compared to her program choices at other universities, Hannah values the interdepartmental option in this specific program. While she is considered a gerontology master’s student, her home units are human development and family studies and the College of Business.

“I am interested in geriatric long-term care administration,” she said. “My research interests include health care administration, memory care (dementia), family relationships (especially parent/adult-child), transitions into old age, transitions into long-term care, shared decision making, etc.”

Because Hannah is a part of an interdepartmental program, she has the ability to study all of these research topics and more. Hannah hopes before leaving Iowa State she will have her research published and present it at a conference. While she came to Iowa State nervous about being able to accomplish this goal due to the number of students, Hannah now feels the opposite.

“Once I came here, I found myself surrounded by a good team of professors who were interested in my work and connecting me to new opportunities,” she said. “It’s a very flexible program that you can tailor to your needs.”