Hannah Chute

Hannah experiences elementary education in action

During her first teaching practicum, Hannah loved getting to know the kindergarteners in her class. At first, she wasn’t sure if she would enjoy teaching children that young, but after seeing the kids’ enthusiastic attitudes toward learning, kindergarten is now one of her favorite grades.

“You can just feed off of their energy,” Hannah said. “One day, the teacher said ‘today, we’re going to talk about the letter O!’ and they all cheered and high-fived. It makes it so much fun.”

Hannah completed her first Block 1 practicum experience during the fall semester of junior year at a small private school in Des Moines. Not only did she assist with recess and reading time, but she also taught three lessons to her students.

“Block I Practicum requires you to teach a reading, writing, and science lesson,” she said. “But my mentor was really awesome and let me teach a religion and social studies lesson as well.”

For her Block 2 practicum, Hannah plans to teach elementary students in Cedar Rapids. She’s excited not only to try a new age group, but to spend two full weeks in the classroom during spring break.

“The School of Education tries to place you in a different type of school than the one you did before,” Hannah said. “I want to teach and work in Cedar Rapids eventually, so it’s a great networking opportunity.”

With one practicum down and one to go, Hannah enjoys learning through experience. For education students who feel nervous about teaching their first lesson, Hannah recommends jumping right in and having fun.

“The experience is what you make it,” Hannah said. “Be comfortable, be confident, and put yourself out there. Don’t just sit and observe. It’s the only way to learn and become an effective teacher.”