Hannah Astarita

Minor inspires Hannah’s career choice

Hannah had no trouble declaring a major in event planning; however, she started to worry about the long, sporadic hours the job entailed. After a conversation with her mother, Hannah was reminded how much she enjoys interacting with the elderly. Then she found Iowa State’s gerontology minor.

“Honestly, I had never heard the word [gerontology] before,” she said. “My mom suggested it when I told her I loved event planning but didn’t want the crazy hours with my future lifestyle.”

After researching the minor, Hannah realized she could combine both her interests and become an activities director. She declared her minor and then started looking into internships for the upcoming summer.

“I hope to intern at a retirement home in Ames or Des Moines,” she said. “Green Hills would be amazing because I know people there due to class experience.”

Although working as an activity director in a retirement home may not seem like the most glamorous of careers, Hannah said she absolutely loves her choice because of the unique bonds she gets to make with her future clients – something other areas of event planning lack.

“I like to make connections,” she said. “You get to create long-term relationships and work with the same people every day. That’s the biggest difference between this and other careers like wedding planning.”