Hannah Al-Mazroa

Hannah adjusts to Iowa State

Hannah spent the first part of her freshman year feeling homesick. Between the large campus and being away from her family for the first time, it didn’t matter her hometown of Winterset, Iowa was only an hour and a half away – she missed seeing them every day.

During a meeting with her adviser, Becky Koenen, Hannah found herself not only picking classes, but opening up about her situation.

“We talked about how to help me be involved in the classroom, along with some other personal struggles I was going through,” she said. “She was very open to hearing my problems and helped me gain confidence in my capabilities.”

After their discussion, Hannah found herself participating in her classes more, which helped her make friends with fellow classmates and made Iowa State feel more like home.

“Honestly, becoming more involved in my classes helped,” she said. “A lot of the same people are in my classes which made Iowa State seem smaller. Now I look forward to class, because I get work with people I enjoy being with.”

Hannah no longer feels shy around campus; she’s found a home. And now, she hopes to help other students in a similar situation through her acceptance into the Clyclone Aide Class of 2017.

“That’s why I became a Cyclone Aide,” she said. “To help students who are nervous about leaving home.”

Since getting involved on campus helped her so much, Hannah recommends other students who feel homesick or overwhelmed do the same.

“Become as involved as you can,” she said. “Whether it’s through club or class participation, it helps you become close with peers you’ll work with over the next four years.”