Haley Wellman

4H Conference brings Haley to Iowa State and she’s never looked back

Haley fell in love with Iowa State when she attended her first 4H conference on campus. She came back every year and after four consecutive summers, Iowa State became a second home. She may have grown up close to the University of Iowa, but this girl knew from the start she was a Cyclone.

“How big ISU is scared me,” she said, “But my few short visits reassured me that although it is a large university, the people of ISU and Ames are very welcoming.”

Haley’s prior visits gave her connections with professors and a basic knowledge of the campus layout. These factors really helped in her transition to Iowa State and made her time studying family and consumer sciences enjoyable.

Haley has found success in her program and had valuable experiences. She plans to combine her FCS degree and gerontology minor to open her own retirement home, specializing in caring for people with dementia, which she says fascinates her.

Haley discovered her passion for helping elderly at a younger age. Her grandmother moved to an assistant living home and Haley visited her often and spent time with other residents there.

“Spending time with older adults in high school made me realize that not only could I help make their lives better, but that they could teach me more than I could ever imagine,” she said, “Older adults are full of wisdom!”

This summer, Haley became a Heddleson intern and enjoys reaching out to the older people in the community and trying to make their lives better. She says this internship has been rewarding and thinks students who enjoy learning something new every day should consider a career in helping the retirement community,

“Working with older people gives back as much as you give them,” she said, “I’m always learning new things when working with them.”