Haley Appel

Haley Appel networks through Human Development and Family Studies Club

After ClubFest introduced Haley to the Human Development and Family Studies Club her freshman year, she was nervous to attend the meetings since she didn’t know anybody else involved. She was finally encouraged to go to the club her sophomore year by a friend, and she hasn’t missed a meeting since.

“I think HDFS club is important because there are so many opportunities to reach the community and make connections,” she said.

Most meetings consist of different projects with a focus on making things to help others like purses filled with hygiene products, making cards for senior citizens, or tie blankets for Project Linus. On occasion, professionals in HDFS careers will speak during the meetings as well.

“You get the chance to learn more about specific jobs tailored to what people in the club want to learn about,” she said. “The speakers are always based off of the club members’ interest.”

While many clubs have a weekly meeting, which some students may find it hard to always make it to, Haley doesn’t want students to worry about time commitment to the club.

“It’s an hour a month,” she said. “The work is just when you go to the meetings, no extra time. Unless you want to help deliver what we make sometimes, then you can always do more.”

For students still unsure about whether or not to get involved with the HDFS club, Haley recommends attending a meeting to test it out.

“Come at least once,” she said. “It’s a whole lot of fun. There’s always food. We do ice breakers. It’s a meeting, but it’s fun.”