Evan Fritz

Evan encourages students to get involved

Evan Fritz started visiting Iowa State at a young age through his involvement in the 4-H Youth Development program. He carried his passion for staying active to his college career at Iowa State. He wanted to be involved in all aspects of college so he joined several student organizations and clubs.

As a well-known student leader in the College of Human Sciences, Evan wants to help all students at Iowa State get involved. He feels it’s important for students to be active in and out of the classroom.

“Before I leave Iowa State I hope to share my knowledge of the ins and outs of how to fully attain the student experience that we have available to us as current students and alumni. To do this, I want to encourage students to get involved and try new things. The result of stepping outside your comfort zone might surprise you.”

Although he believes being involved is important, Evan also understands it can be challenging—especially for new students. He recommends students start by taking full advantage of opportunities and listening to other people on campus talk about their involvements.

“Try to never say no to an opportunity,” he said. “There comes a point where you need to,  there’s only 24 hours in a day, but try to take advantage of as much as you can.”

Once you do join a club, Evan said time management becomes crucial. He keeps up with everything by scheduling time for academics, clubs, friends, and himself. He believes the most critical aspect of time management is understanding the value of time.

“Recognize the value of time. Five, 10, 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but you can get a lot done like taking a quiz or writing a page of a paper.”

Evan also believes clubs help students find mentors, which is important because they help develop valuable skills. Evan thinks this philosophy applies when finding friends too.

“Choose friends who are similar to yourself,” he said. “As a freshmen some of my friends didn’t have a concept of time management. But then I surrounded myself with student leaders and that helped. Everyone was Type A just like me. It’s easier to get things done when others around you are.”