Emma Bixenman

The Fashion Show brings Emma to Iowa State

Since a visit to Behind the Scenes Day in high school, Emma knew she wanted to be a part of The Fashion Show at Iowa State. When she didn’t get the committee position she hoped for during her freshman year, she tried out to walk the runway instead.

After auditioning and getting cast as a model, Emma attended rehearsals and saw first-hand what goes on behind the scenes of the nation’s largest student-produced fashion show.

“I had no idea the scale of the production or how professional it was,” she said. “It’s a huge production, so seeing it come to life was awesome.”

Emma said she doesn’t usually like to be the center of attention, so auditioning to model was out of her comfort zone. But after the show, she loved walking the runway. 

“Walking out and seeing the audience is the coolest thing ever,” she said. “Never did I ever think I would walk in front of an auditorium of 2,500 people.”

After gaining a year of experience, Emma applied again for a committee position for The Fashion Show 2017. Her dream finally became reality when she became a pop-up shop committee member.

In addition to attending the fashion show course once a week, she organizes themes, contacts vendors, and plans events for Fashion Week – the week leading up to The Fashion Show.

Emma knows she wants to stay involved in The Fashion Show for the rest of her time at Iowa State. Eventually, she hopes to take on a larger role with a director position.

“It’s a cool opportunity, and it’s very rewarding,” she said. “I want to be modeling director eventually.”