Emily Ramm

Emily realizes a minor is just as important as a major

When she started at Iowa State, Emily declared a major in communication studies. After attending her first few classes she knew immediately it was not a good fit for her.

“When you take a class that relates to your major, it should click,” she said, “You should want to learn more and when I didn’t I knew it wasn’t right.”

During that first semester, Emily also took a few human development and family studies courses and fell in love. She dropped the communications major, switched to child, adult, and family services, and got involved as the HDFS club’s secretary.

Although she loved the classes, Emily felt a career in the HDFS field would be too emotional and heavy on her heart. She enjoys helping children, but wants to do it in a more light-hearted way. Instead she thought back to her childhood when she would sit her dolls around the table to teach them math or reading and realized what she really wanted: to be a teacher.

Instead of dropping her major altogether and losing the work she put into it, Emily decided to keep CAFS as a minor and make elementary education her primary focus. She loves the CAFS classes and continues to be an active member in HDFS club. Emily encourages any student struggling to decide between a major or minor to think about their future.

“Your minor is that specialty that gets you the job,” she said, “It is what puts your resume ahead.”