Elyse Christian

Elyse Christian strives to educate parents about child development

Knowing she wanted to work with kids in her future career, Elyse first thought she would teach preschool. Soon after, she realized her love for the developmental process related to learning.

“I started looking for a career where I would be able to work with young kids one-on-one and also directly teach their parents about their child’s development,” she said.

While her overall career goal is a parent educator, she specifically hopes to work as a home visitor.

“I want to visit families’ homes through a program they sign up for,” she said. “I’ll teach the parents techniques and about their child’s development.”

Through opportunities in her program, Elyse has already gained experience interacting with parents about child development. She builds stronger skills through each opportunity working in the Child Development Laboratory school for two of her practicum as well as in a daycare for her third.

“I learn how to communicate better with parents,” she said. “I know how to be more concise when explaining concepts to parents in ways they will understand.”

After witnessing the positive impact a home visitor can have on a family, Elyse said she wanted to make the same impact in the future.

“My goal is to help parents understand what’s going on in their children’s minds,” she said. “This brings the family together with more harmonious relationships. It helps kids live the best they can and also makes the parents feel more confident in parenting.”