Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth pushes the Event Management Club ahead

Elizabeth found a love for planning events after organizing her high school’s prom. Although the hours were long and pulling everything together was stressful, she said she was always happy doing it. With aspirations to become a wedding planner, Elizabeth headed to Iowa State to pursue a degree in event management.

Elizabeth joined the event management club her freshman year. She enjoyed making new friends and servicing as the athletic chair. In that position, she planned tours of Jack Trice stadium, bowling socials, and other activities to open the club members’ eyes to the athletic side of event management.

But she wanted to do more for the club. So her junior year, despite studying abroad in Italy the following semester, she applied for the president position—and got it.

“I wanted to see the club improve,” she said. “We were at a constant for a long time where we just brought in guest speakers. I wanted to change that.”

To do this, Elizabeth recommended they plan a large, campus-wide event. The entirely student-run event, a creative conference encouraging entrepreneurship, will bring in several guest speakers and be open to all Iowa state students. Elizabeth said she’s thrilled about the club’s new focus.

“We are planning our first large-scale event for the club,” she said. “Which is funny since we are event managers, but it is the next step to growing the club.”

Elizabeth is using her backgrounds in wedding planning, Firefly Country Nights music concert, and an internship in sports convention to help her six committees make the event a success.

 “I’ve learned a lot,” she said. “How to handle people, leadership skills, independence. But I also learned how to delegate and make decisions. Which I will be doing in my future in career.”