Elizabeth Davitt

Activities help Liz overcome shyness

Liz felt overwhelmed with shyness during her freshman year, so she decided to get involved to help overcome it. She chose to attend sorority recruitment — eventually joining Sigma Kappa.

While going through her sorority’s primary recruitment, she lived in Larch Hall. She made the most of the residence hall experience by making an effort to socialize with others on her floor.

She made it a point to leave her door open for easier interaction, and also started studying with friends in the hallway. Before she knew it, a lot of people joined their study group.

“Soon, more people caught on and would come sit with us,” she said. “It became a really fun way to socialize and meet other people on the floor.”

Although she moved into the Sigma Kappa house her sophomore year, Liz continued meeting new people and making friends. On Bid Day, she met her “big” — who served as her mentor and showed her around campus.

 “My big introduced me to new people and got me out of my room,” Liz said.  “My sorority plans a lot of activities to get involved in, like movie nights, socials, and dinner exchanges.”

In addition to her sorority, she enjoys meeting people in her program. She said having a friend or two in her classes makes a difference with her studies.

“Some classes are so large, it’s really nice to have a group of friends to help you study, or if you meet people in a similar area of study as you, it can be helpful to have someone in the future,” Liz said.

Overall, she is grateful for her involvement. Liz firmly believes it changed her personality from shy to outgoing — which will help her in her future career in dietetics.

 “Being closed off and shy is not a way to be around clients,” she said. “When people contact you, they need someone who’s confident and open to help them make a transition.”