Deborah Asaolu

Deborah Asaolu expands her Iowa State adventure with MEDLIFE

Deborah first heard of Medicine, Education, and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE) at Club Fest. The Iowa State chapter of this organization is only a few semesters old. Now in her second semester as a MEDLIFE member, Deborah already holds the executive position title of trip coordinator.

“There are many different chapters in universities across the country, and then many different clinics the organization controls throughout Latin America and Africa,” she said.

Each chapter focuses on volunteering in their community as well raising money for their chapter and the organization as a whole.

“It’s just a unique tie to the organization,” she said. “We’re in constant communication with them hearing about the different clinics. It’s always nice hearing about who we are impacting.”

All members also have the opportunity of traveling to these clinics to make an impact face-to-face.

“We are actually going on a trip to Riobamba, Ecuador, in May,” Deborah said. “I know when I go on the trip I will be able to apply what I’ve learned in class about the body.”

Deborah looks forward to the hands-on experiences during the trip. She also values the opportunities the club provides her while she is in Ames.

“MEDLIFE has definitely provided me with a leadership role,” Deborah said. “I am also way more organized now and I know how to communicate better with others.”

While the club is filled mostly with pre-health related majors, Deborah said she appreciates how inclusive the club is to anyone and has made many connections with majors outside her college.

“We aren’t stickler about exec,” she said. “Anyone can be on exec. If you’re looking for a leadership role or just need to build your resume, we’ll find you a place.”