Darcy Smalley

Darcy Smalley amplifies her opportunities at the Child Development Laboratory School

After completing her practicum at the Child Development Laboratory School (CDLS), one of the full-time teachers suggested Darcy apply to work there. Soon after, Darcy was interviewed for the position and found out she was hired the very same day.

As an undergraduate assistant teacher, Darcy said she is able to take on more responsibilities and build upon her practicum experience. She appreciates the opportunity to further involve herself more in the program.

“I love interacting with the kids and helping them learn,” she said. “Most of the kids I work with are at the preschool age where they are just beginning to learn to read and that’s exciting to watch them grow.”

Darcy uses guidance strategies she learned in class to help her succeed at the CDLS. In difficult situations, she is glad to have the help and support of the full-time teachers.

“If it’s a day when a kid is struggling and the lead teacher is away, I have to figure out how to find a solution,” Darcy said. “Every kid and situation is different. If I can’t figure it out, it’s nice when the teacher not just steps in to help but shows you how to fix it.”

No matter the situation, Darcy advises other students to always look for opportunities to learn more.

“Be open to suggestions and advice given in your classes and from the teachers working at the lab school,” she said. “The teachers at the lab school are people just like you and are always learning.”

Thankful for the opportunity of working at the lab school after her practicum, Darcy encourages other students to further their experience as well.

“Just apply for a job,” she said. “Be friendly with the teachers and be prepared for anything. Every day is different. You have to be flexible.”