Daniel Shultz

Daniel Shultz utilizes athletic training program opportunities

Daniel didn’t have a backup plan, so when he came to Iowa State University, he knew he had to work hard to get into the athletic training program. He said 23 out of the 50 students in his program freshman year were accepted and he was one of them.

“It’s a call to be in this field,” he said. “While it’s a lot of hours and hard work, it keeps me going knowing the amount of students who would kill to be in this field.”

Daniel said, until you start logging hours, it’s hard to know whether or not athletic training is the right fit. From spending time with the Iowa State football team and men’s basketball team to working with the Indianapolis Colts for two summers in a row, Daniel is positive this is the right path for him.

The amount of hands-on experience he has gained makes him feel as if athletic training is already his career. Daniel appreciates the knowledge and support he receives in class and from his professors to take into these diverse opportunities.

“The combination of classes and clinical rotation is great because what I learn in class that morning I can see play out that afternoon,” he said.

Daniel likes how the program tosses students in right away and makes them learn as they go. While he said the professors are always trying to help in any way they can, he values not being “spoon-fed,” knowing he still has to work hard to succeed.

“So many opportunities come,” he said. “It’s tons of fun, so the hard work pays off. You become a family with your class by spending so many hours together.”

Daniel credits these opportunities for giving him the advantage of getting his foot in the door for his future goals. From the very beginning, Daniel was excited to work hard to apply for the program. He hopes his passion influences other students to do the same.

“Really get the most out of what you’re observing and try not to just sit there,” he said. “Ask great questions and try to stay busy at all times.”