Courtney Biere

Courtney Biere expands knowledge through Collegiately Creative Conference

As an Event Management Club member, Courtney experienced both the planning and attending sides of the Collegiately Creative Conference.

Courtney explained the conference as “for students, by students.” Inspiring students to help them in their job preparedness was Courtney’s hope for the event.

The event was filled with keynote speakers and group break-out sessions where students learned networking skills, how to market and brand themselves, as well as Courtney’s favorite part: how to show gratitude.

“Learning how to give gratitude to those who’ve helped you was really helpful,” she said. “Learning that was really inspiring.”

Courtney was inspired not only by this new idea, but also learning about other people’s journeys.

“It’s always good to hear other peoples’ perspectives, and overall, collaborating with them throughout the day,” she said.

This event first took place her freshman year, and now for the second time her junior year. Making the conference an annual event is the new goal, Courtney said.

“The event was a success,” she said. “I think it was due to the members being super motivated to make it happen.”

Courtney hopes students will not only watch for next year’s conference but also keep their eyes open for other on-campus opportunities.

“Watch your email for events, follow Iowa State University groups on social media, listen to your peers, and spread the word about your own events,” she said.