Corey Ball

Corey Ball’s high school injury leads to physical therapist career goal

After tearing his ACL the summer before his junior year of high school, Corey spent the next five months in a physical therapy clinic recovering. He then moved on to a “return to sports” program where he made a connection with his physical therapist.

“He didn’t just focus on my injury but getting me back onto the basketball court,” Corey said.

Working with his physical therapist three times a week and talking with him is what initially gave Corey the idea of becoming a physical therapist himself.

“I want to do what he does and help athletes get back to what they do,” he said.

Between his prior experience and his future opportunities at Iowa State, Corey knows he will be fully prepared to help his clients after graduation.

“When clients come in they are hurting physically, emotionally, and mentally,” Corey said. “If you haven’t been in the situation, you can’t relate to the mental part of wanting to get out there and play again.”

Being able to help his clients not only physically but also mentally is an important aspect to Corey. After doing research on the numbers of females versus males who tear their ACL, Corey now wants to conduct or help assist in research on the topic to gain further knowledge.

“I think it will help me so I can apply it one day,” he said. “Maybe that will be my specialty — helping female athletes who tear their ACL or help to prevent it.”

While Corey has yet to participate or conduct research, he looks forward to the chance to do so.

“The program has so many opportunities,” he said. “There are a lot of opportunities to do research with professors.”