Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson gets involved as an undergraduate

Starting off at a private college in Sioux City, Casey soon found herself enrolling at Iowa State in the middle of her sophomore year, spring 2016. Going from a small to a large college, Casey had her doubts, especially when it came to the connections and experiences she would have due to the number of students at ISU.

“I did not expect the attention and praise I received from previous professors, but Iowa State proved me wrong,” said Casey.

Right off the bat, she connected with her adviser, associate professor Matthew Rowling. Casey credits Rowling for helping her get so involved during the year and a half she’s attended ISU so far.

Quickly, she became a teaching assistant for Rowling’s class, Nutrition for Active and Healthy Lifestyles (FSHN 265). Casey loved being able to connect with students and give them advice while also knowing she was helping them learn and succeed.

“I learned a lot from my TA experience,” said Casey. “I gained communication skills, learned how to simplify information, became a better leader, and gained authority skills.”

Rowling also expanded Casey’s interest in research, leading to her Rosenfeld internship this summer. By far, Casey takes the most pride in her internship opportunity and the experiences it will give her by the end.

“Having the opportunity to go behind the scenes and into the lab is very valuable to me,” said Casey. “It enables me to learn things I wouldn’t necessarily learn in class, as well as work on my problem-solving, communication, and organization skills.”

Casey reassures other students who may feel they won’t get the opportunities they are searching for with so many other students here.

“I wish I would have known [at ISU] you’re not just a number like everyone told me I would be,” said Casey. “Though there are many students at Iowa State, the faculty work hard to truly individualize your experience and ensure you are getting the most out of your time here.”