Casey Even

Casey decides on Iowa State

As a senior in high school, Casey planned on attending the University of Northern Iowa. But after receiving multiple information flyers from Iowa State in the mail, she decided to attend an “Experience Iowa State” visit.

During the visit she toured campus, spoke with an adviser, and took a look at residence halls. Between the multitudes of organizations, beautiful campus, and helpful faculty, Casey started to change her mind about attending UNI.

“I absolutely fell in love,” she said. “I felt like there were a lot of opportunities, and I just knew from that feeling.”

Casey officially decided to attend Iowa State after listening to her Cyclone Aides share their different college experiences.

“Students showing how much they loved campus made me want to love it too – and now I do,” she said.

Once she decided to enroll, Casey needed to choose a major. At first, she majored in psychology. She chose her classes with the help of an adviser who recommended she take one of the teaching classes, CI 204 (Social foundations of education in the United States). After her first week, Casey sat down with an elementary education adviser and discussed switching her major.

Together, they mapped out a four-year plan where psychology dropped to a minor and elementary education became a major. Casey felt excited for her next four years.

“I’m interested in learning about how students learn and making a difference in their lives,” she said. “Teachers play one of the most important roles in society, because they prepare future generations.”