Carissa Brown

Ambassador position helps Carissa find her place at Iowa State

Carissa always had Iowa State as an option since her parents are alumni and working for ISU Extension. However, the main reason she decided to attend was her interest in dietetics, which started her sophomore year of high school.

“It’s one of the only colleges in Iowa with an accredited dietetics program,” she said. “I guess you could say I was always destined to go to ISU and was more than excited to!”

Once she arrived at Iowa State, Carissa knew she wanted to get involved. She started by becoming an ambassador for the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department. She enjoyed this experience and decided to go a step further to become a College of Human Sciences Ambassador.

“I wanted a bigger role,” she said. “And I wanted to learn more about the College of Human Sciences as a whole.”

Carissa heard she was accepted about a week after she applied. She then attended two training meetings where she learned about her role, and met the other College of Human Sciences Ambassadors—who helped make her experience more meaningful.

“Meeting people from other majors and learning about their programs has been fun,” she said. “I have friends doing it, and now we go to meetings together.”

As a CHS ambassador, Carissa said she spends time volunteering with different organizations as well as helping prospective students during their college visits. She encourages any students interested in learning more about their college to apply for an ambassador position.

“You gain more appreciation for your college,” she said. “If you’re looking for something to make you feel a part of Iowa State, this is perfect.”