Caitlyn Greenspan

Caitlyn helps athletes get fit and healthy

Caitlyn Greenspan always knew she wanted to work in the medical field, but when she learned she could combine her love of athletics and medicine, she headed off to Iowa State to pursue a degree in athletic training.

Caitlyn realized her calling in high school after a sporting injury brought her in contact with rehabilitation aids. She talked with a few of them, and they recommended she get involved with the student rehabilitation program at her school. She did, and spent the rest of her high school career working with high school athletes taping and bracing their injuries.

One Iowa State alum recognized Caitlyn’s dedication and suggested a future career in athletic training.

“One girl in the program had graduated from Iowa State’s athletic training and told me if I was serious about this career, to come here. So I did.”

While at Iowa State, Caitlyn worked with several sport teams including the football team. She and her fellow classmates attended every practice. Caitlyn felt proud to be able to help the players become fit and healthy.

“I can’t put into words how I felt the first time I walked into Jack Trice Stadium as an athletic training student and stood on the sidelines.”

Now, as a junior, Caitlyn works with the Swim and Dive program at the local high school. She enjoys working with the kids and the respect they give her.

In all of her experiences from the high school to the collegiate levels, Caitlyn said the biggest thing she learned is to expect anything.

“No two days are alike,” she said. “Every day is a new challenge, and you have to be prepared for anything.”