Britta Becker

Britta pursues teaching at Iowa State

Britta worked as a teacher’s helper through work study in high school with her family and consumer sciences teacher serving as her mentor. During her work study, Britta shopped for the supplies for an upcoming recipe for class or helped other students in the kitchen. She was able to get a different perspective on consumer sciences than her peers.

When it came time to pick a college, Britta wanted something that would allow her to help prepare students for life after college, like she did in high school. She followed her brothers to Iowa State, deciding to major in family and consumer sciences education and teach as her high school mentor did.

“The moment I stepped on campus, I knew this was where I wanted to be,” she said. “I love the beautiful campus, unique traditions, and the friendly faces on campus.”

Britta joined the Family Consumer Educational Sciences Club her first semester. She continued to be involved her sophomore year, and was recently elected the club’s secretary for the upcoming year. She said she’s glad she joined because the club provided valuable connections with upper classmen and other students who share an interest in this field.

Britta believes you can’t get anywhere in life if you can’t cook. She sees being a family and consumer sciences teacher as her way to prepare students for life after high school and college. She wants others to know this program isn’t focused on just one thing. It ranges from cooking, sewing and parenting to housing, financial management and consumer resource management. At first Britta was mostly interested in the chemical make up and finished products, but she found through her courses her interests widened. She said seeing anything from start to finish with each step in the process made it all exciting.

“Go into every class with an open mind,” she said. “If you have a passion, even if it’s a hard class, it will inspire you.”