Brie Johnson

Brie becomes a Cyclone Aide

As a first-generation student, Brie Johnson felt nervous about coming to Iowa State and starting college. However, after attending orientation and making new friends, she started to feel more and more at home.

During her sophomore year, Brie thought about how she could get involved more. She knew a friend who served as a Cyclone Aide, and decided she too wanted to give back and help the students at Iowa State. 

She started the application process, which consisted of filling out an online form, completing two rounds of interviews, and explaining why she wanted the position. She was accepted, becoming one of 40 Cyclone Aides. She encourages other students wanting to apply to focus on gaining a well-rounded college experience.

“Put yourself out there, gain experience, and get to a point where you’re confident in yourself,” she said, “It’s so worth it.”

Brie’s training started at the beginning of the Spring semester following her acceptance. Cyclone Aides help guide students at orientation, answering their questions and giving tours. They are also responsible for leading campus tour groups of prospective students. But before she can start helping incoming students, Brie first has to get training. She currently attends a leadership training course every Tuesday and Thursday morning along with her fellow classmates. She said she’s learning a lot of important communication skills, which she believes also apply to her future personal training career.

“I am learning how to deal with a diverse population, and how to handle difficult questions,” she said. “I know in my future, I will work with people who will ask me uncomfortable questions – now I’ll be prepared to answer them.”

Although she has yet to interact with incoming students, Brie said that’s the part she’s most looking forward to. 

“I’m excited to meet a lot of people and make a difference in incoming students’ lives,” she said. “My orientation experience was great. I’m excited to give that back.”