Bridgett Konradi

Destination Iowa State helps Bridgett develop leadership skills

Bridgett found her career path through chance. In high school, she was assigned a career paper and afterward, she realized event planning matched her skills and interests. Once she knew her area of study, she enrolled at Iowa State.

Like most, Bridgett started college feeling scared and anxious. She attended Destination Iowa State, a three-day event for incoming freshmen to learn about campus. Although she had high hopes, she said the experience could’ve been better, and she decided to change it for future freshmen students.

“When I attended Destination Iowa State as a freshman, I didn’t have a positive experience,” she said. “I wanted better and knew I could do that for other students.”

As a sophomore, Bridgett started working as a Destination Iowa State team leader. She loved it because she got to share her passion for Iowa State with the new students.

“I put myself back in their shoes,” she said. “I made sure to share with them my story and what I did so that it could help them.”

Bridgett enjoyed being a team leader so much, she spent the next two years as one. Each team she had was different and taught her different things, especially leadership skills.

“It gives leadership experience,” she said. “Plus, it’s a chance to share your experience with others and learn about different majors on campus.”

Now, as a senior, Bridgett plans to work as a corporate meeting planner for United Airlines but can also see herself working for a college thanks to her experiences with Destination Iowa State.

“It shaped my idea of wanting to work in student affairs in the future,” she said. “Especially new student programs.”