Brianna Namuth

Brianna Namuth looks forward to her alumna adventure in Seattle, Washington

Brianna didn’t expect to get a job as early as she did before she graduated. But after her first interview with Kerry Ingredients, she knew she found a great company to work with.

“Kerry Ingredients was very encouraging,” she said. “They wanted me to learn, they wanted me to work for them, and they didn’t want me to move to a place just for the job.”

After completing her degree at Iowa State University, Brianna will start her next adventure in Seattle, Washington, working in quality assurance. A career in culinary science has been Brianna’s goal since she was young.

“Growing up in a big family and cooking a lot was definitely an introduction to all the fun aspects of food,” she said. “So when I started college, all I knew is that I wanted to be in a food-related area.”

During her four years at Iowa State, Brianna’s coursework, internships, and study abroad experience have helped her figure out what type of culinary food science career she wants.

However, when she started searching for open job positions, she made sure not to have a specific job title in mind. Instead, she paid extra attention to the job description to feel out which positions would be a good match.

“It was kind of crazy,” she said. “I had hardly even thought about quality assurance before that job, but if you put my skills and what I enjoy from jobs on paper, this position lined up so well.”

For students who are beginning their job or internship search, Brianna suggests casting a wide net to maximize their opportunities. She says trying new things is when she’s felt most successful.

“Don’t get set on an idea of what you want, because what you think you want is probably not what you’re going to end up with,” she said. “Be open to new experiences.”