Bria Rasmussen

Bria encourages active lifestyles in Ames

Bria loves being physically active. She has played a variety of sports, but her passion for volleyball brought her to college to play for Iowa State. Eventually, she decided to focus more on academics than the sport and found a love studying kinesiology.

“I chose to stay because I love the school and the experiences I’ve had,” she said. “Plus, I made a lot of friends and enjoy my major.”

As a junior, Bria heard about ExerCyse is Medicine, a club which promotes active lifestyles throughout the Ames community. She decided to attend one of the meetings which led to her volunteering around Ames, and she loved it.

“I’ve always been physically active in my life,” she said. “I get to share that with others and inspire them to be active, too.”

There are four to five groups which specialize in certain demographics. The groups work separately, but the leaders of each meet once a week to discuss what each team is doing. Bria became a leader for the youth group. Each week she goes to elementary schools to play with kids and encourage them to be active.

“You get to play games with kids, and it’s fun,” she said. “They love having college kids, and it’s a nice break from classes every week.”

Bria believes her experiences with the club will help her a lot when she becomes a physician assistant.

“It has helped me see how important physical activity is in terms of health,” she said. “And it taught me how to reach out to different ages which I will need to know as a physician assistant.”