Brea Baumhover

Brea Baumhover plans to make an impact teaching family consumer sciences

When Brea began looking at colleges, her love for sewing led her to Iowa State University’s apparel merchandising, and design program. She knew she wanted to translate this passion into a career and share it with other people.

As she began taking classes, Brea found she enjoyed the garment construction aspect of her major more than the design aspect.

“I didn’t want to design, I just wanted to sew,” she said. “I already knew how to sew, so my friends were always lined up at my machine. My friend said, ‘Why not be a teacher? Because it’s kind of what you’re doing already.’”

Brea’s sister was also attending Iowa State and was majoring in family and consumer sciences education and studies (FCEDS). Brea had attended multiple FCEDS club meetings with her, and she had always found them enjoyable and interesting. Switching her major to FCEDS felt like a clear fit.

“The program is very personable,” Brea said. “It makes it easy to fall in love with what you’re doing when people are supporting you.”

Now Brea is Vice President of the FCEDS club and stresses the importance of family consumer sciences classes in our society.

“I can relate it to so many people’s lives,” she said. “I can see it all around me. We need to go back and teach the basics. If kids are truly listening in my class, I can make an impact on their lives in one way or another.”

Brea finds the possibility of impacting the lives of her students to be the biggest motivator in her school work.

“My success in my classes is for my future students, not for me,” she said. “It’s not about me anymore; it’s about who I will impact in the future. That makes it easier to do my homework.”